The Champion workplace innovation credential covers the skills and knowledge required in understanding the fundamentals in your role to promote, encourage, support and innovate your organisation.

The Champion workplace innovation comprises of 2 micro-credential stacked courses of learning, followed by a completion of assessment tasks at the end of each skill level, to test the learner’s knowledge and understanding.

Course Series: 2 of 2

Course Award: Micro-Credential 

Course Duration: 3 Hours Course 

Complexity: Advanced

It comprises 4 lessons of learning and access 5 additional resources, followed by a completion quiz to test your knowledge and understanding.  By the end of this course, you will demonstrate understanding in:

  • How to develop and implement innovative processes in the organisation
  • Strategies that support changes during the transitional process 
  • Practices to implement that monitor innovations and improvements
  • How to develop and implement evaluation processes that promote continuous improvement.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Champion workplace innovation

  • 2

    Lesson 1

    • Implementing innovative processes

  • 3

    Lesson 2

    • Supporting Changes as Required During the Transitional Process